The Morino creates a feeling of opulence in your bedroom – and that’s before you even get into bed. With a unique style and gorgeous curves on the foot section, the Morino perfectly shows off the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into making a Bodyease bed. As well as being stylish, the Morino is practical – it has a fully adjustable sleep system base unit, which acts as an ideal platform for your mattress.

Would you like to feel totally weightless? With the range of base options available with the Morino, you can. Choose from the Flex Fit 2000, Flex Fit 4000 and Flex Fit 8000 to create a sleep system that fulfils your every need. Each base is fully adjustable and designed to fit with the style of the Morino frame.

Mattresses & Frames

Cloud 800

Cloud 800

Flex Fit 2000

We designed the Flex 2000 to feature a unique style frame, which is stylishly upholstered with a layer of padding on top to provide extra support. This innovative frame system makes the whole bed feel firmer, so it’s ideal for helping with your posture.

Cloud 400

Cloud 400

Flex Fit 4000

The Flex 4000 offers a luxurious level of comfort, without skimping on style. We carefully designed this sleep system to feature a range of fillings that offer an excellent level of support and, with an adjustable frame, you never have to be uncomfortable again.

Cloud 200

Cloud 200

Flex Fit 8000

If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, the Flex 8000 is the bed base for you. It features a complete Boxspring unit, which not only extends the life of your mattress considerably but also offers the best possible level of comfort.

Bed Sizes Available

Wireless Handset

Base Options – Dimensions

Options Available

Morino – Part of the Motion 0 Gravity Collection

Introducing our stunning new range of luxury lifestyle adjustable beds.

Choose a bed from the new Bodyease range and experience the perfect support of specially made and selected sleep systems that can be adjusted using simple electronic controls to provide a level of comfort that is right for you.

Our highly-skilled craftsmen have used the highest quality materials to create innovative designs that aren’t just functional but beautiful too.

We’ve combined the ultimate in comfort and style with the latest technology to create a sumptuous selection of beds that you are guaranteed to fall in love with.

You can rest assured that your Bodyease bed will fulfil all your needs as we take the time to discover what you are looking for, and then construct a bespoke bed with a level of luxury that will transform the quality of your rest and sleep.

These are more than just beds, they are iconic designs that will turn your bedroom into a stylish haven for rest and relaxation.

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