Bodysleep 5000

The bodysleep 5000 enables the patient to sit up at ease or get out of the bed with less help from helpers. This electronically controlled bed will give the patients more independence.


UKCA & CE Documentation Guidelines


Abjustable Bodysleep 5000

  • Introducing the nursing bed solution.
  • Available in 4ft and 4ft 6in widths.
  • Laying surface divided in to four parts, back and upper leg rest adjustable by motor, lift and get up support.

Available In

250kg / 39 stones 1200 x 2000mm 1350 x 2000mm
300kg / 55 stones
500kg / 78 stones 1440 x 2200mm

Bodysleep 5000 – Part of the Bodyease Collection Collection

Experience the ultimate in comfort and quality with the Bodyease adjustable electric bed collection. All beds are produced in the UK to the highest standards ensuring style, elegance and above all comfort and relaxation. With changing demands of a variety of adjustable beds, we have been in the forefront of innovative developments.

Hence With total comfort in mind we have designed every aspect of our remarkable Adjustable beds collection to offer the greatest possible degree of personal choice and flexibility. The Adjustable beds “conforms” with a simple touch of a button to the natural contours of your spine to give unparalleled support enabling muscles to relax fully both before and during sleep.

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