The Smart Matic Collection

Introducing our new range of next generation lifestyle smart beds and after 30 years of experience and innovation, we believe we have perfected life in motion. This provides greater comfort and support at your finger tips.

Our new range of smart matic beds have been specially designed to meet your individual needs and designed for comfort to suit every sleeping preference.
Combined with smartphone applications and electronic controls you can adjust your smart bed into your perfect position with ease and upgrade further to memorize your comfort zone.

With our innovative design the Smart Matic Range provides support across the whole mattress, with clever mechanics from a durable modern frame giving you peace of mind night after night.

The Smart Matic Collection

  • Introducing our new iTEK smart bed, sometimes the simplest creations are the most beautiful, and never has that been truer. It will be the centrepiece of your bedroom, adding effortless elegance and style. This fully adjustable bed offers complete support for your posture and it is deigned to act as the perfect platform for your mattress, meaning you’ll... Introducing our new iTEK smart bed,...

  • This is an elegant bed that combines modern and classic style, with a beautifully upholstered head end and ellegant wooden feet. We particularly love the luxurious upholstery and, like all our beds, this design works as a smart sleep system meaning you can tweak the position of your mattress for optimum comfort. With the integrated Bluetooth technology... This is an elegant bed that combines...

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