Introducing our new iTEK smart bed, sometimes the simplest creations are the most beautiful, and never has that been truer. It will be the centrepiece of your bedroom, adding effortless elegance and style. This fully adjustable bed offers complete support for your posture and it is deigned to act as the perfect platform for your mattress, meaning you’ll never get a bad night’s sleep again.

With improved position and integrated Bluetooth technology you can glide yourself off to sleep with the wireless controller or your smartphone which can be plugged in to USB charge points on the base. If this is not enough you can light your way with the under bed lighting.


UKCA & CE Documentation Guidelines



  • Available in a selection of fabrics.
  • Durable Adjustable Mechanics.
  • Increased Comfort from wider center and the new Radius Arms.
  • Bluetooth & App Integration.
  • Wireless Standard Handset.
  • Up to 25 St of supported weight.

Can be put in to a surround of either 3ft, 4ft6, 5ft or 6ft.


  • Upgrades to Dual USB Charge Points.
  • Upgrades to various options of Underbed Lighting (Motion Sensing or App Control).



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